Monday, January 16, 2012

My word for 2012, the joy dare, and 1000 gifts

Me, feeling audacious after my first flight.

This year I resolve to be fearless.  There are synonyms for fearless that are two of my favorite words, intrepid and audacious.  Intrepid has a dashing girl detective feel to it.  It means to be resolutely fearless.  Its antonym is timid.  The antithesis of what I am working toward.  Shy to talk about my faith, ashamed to talk about my failings, nervous about plying my craft.  That is where audacious comes in.

I like the second definition...  extremely original; without restriction to prior ideas...  I am tired of being defined by my prior ideas of self.  I have carried those around since I was a girl, piling upon more with each mistake until I could not move under their weight.  It reminds me of what Justin Matisse says to Birdie Calvert in the movie Hope Floats, "You used to be so audacious. People would stop and stare when you went down the street. 'There goes that Birdie Calvert,' they would say.  I can still see that."  I do not expect to stop traffic, but I do want to be confident and bold in my life and all that encompasses.  I want to be a woman of passion and purpose.

Part of getting rid of that fear...what was, where I failed, what could or could not be, is to be thankful.  To open my eyes and see how blessed I am.  I want to express my gratitude continually to God.  I want to always live with hope in my heart.  I want to cast off fear and put on joy.  I want to live every day fully fearless.     

To help me remember I am taking part in Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts in 2012 challenge, her dare to find Joy.  I always work better when challenged.  I crave the assurance and encouragment of accountability.  So, hopefully, every Monday I will be sharing my gifts with you.

I am starting with my journal list and expanding from there.  The first eleven are kind of personal so I will start here:

I am thankful for...
12. summer rain.
13. the end of drought- earth drenching rainstorms.
14. a little girl who loves ducks because her daddy does.
15. another girl who sees a dragon wing in an everyday thing.
16. my husband's sense of humor.
17. our walking dates.
18. learning how to ride a bike...finally. 
19. flying for the first time - without fear!
20. change in the midst of pain.
21. waking up with his arm across me.
22. poetry.
23. not fearing authenticity any longer. 
24. old things made new. 
25. kissing.
26. sand in bottles...little remembrances of paradise. 
27. cuddling on the couch with an old movie and my girls. 
28. Burt's Bees minty lip gloss. (Always good to leave him tingling from a kiss!)
29. Cutie's clementines.
30. the river, even when it is muddy and rushing it is vital and inspiring. 
31. finally writing.
32. a good book and hot tea.
33. pizza with friends we have not visited with in a long time. 
34. new to me clothes and boots today for half price.
35. beautiful pictures that inspire me. 
36. old pajamas. 
37. how the wind sounds.
38. two Christmas presents already made for 2012.
39. remembering how to crochet.
40. watching birds at the feeders.
41. capturing moments in time with my camera. 
42. her hair, wet and curling.
43. dark chocolate with sea salt.
44. when he calls at lunch.
45. love texts.
46. kind words from a stranger.
47. brown speckles on yellow leaves.
48. the beginning of our love story. 

multitudes on mondays



  1. Thank you for sharing this! I love the way you write! Your soul resonates throughout every turn of phrase. It's beautiful and so are you! I'm so glad to have met you. After reading this, I feel inspired to write and to remember the beauty all around me in the little things of life-- a beauty I used to be captivated by, and now seem too busy to notice. Your spirit is sweet, your passion is God-inspired. I admire you!

  2. Just so you know, I'm saving this post to "Favorites". :) Thanks for the great reminders! What a wonderful and inspiring word, audacious!