Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Personal Goal: Be physically healthier

Sledding along the Arkansas River
This picture was taken in February of 2011.  It was such a fun day playing in the snow, taking pictures, and enjoying the natural beauty of Arkansas.  The thing is, I could not do this today.  I have been sick since the first week of December and I just cannot kick it.  Admittedly, part of this is due to the fact that we did not have insurance in 2011 and I could not afford to stay on my asthma medication, but a large part of it is lifestyle.  Mine is not healthy.

While Barry was still out of a job we had settled into a comfortable routine of exercising almost every day, even in the heat of the summer.  I learned to ride a bike, we walked several miles a week, and we went hiking when we could.  When Barry was offered a job right after school started it created some dilemmas for us.  Don't get me wrong, the job was an incredible blessing after a very long time without, but we had not planned the fall as if he were going to get a job.  I had a full load for the semester, while trying to homeschool, and suddenly he was not around to help.

You see, I am pretty spoiled.  My husband is incredible.  There are no girl chores and boy chores around here.  We work together as a team and half the team was suddenly gone 50+ hours a week.  That was normal for us once, but he had been at home only working part time for almost two years.  It was an adjustment.  This took a toll on our new healthy lifestyle.  A lot more fast food and processed food was consumed and exercising ended.  Immediately my asthma worsened, we both put on weight and lost the ground we had gained (stamina).

Now that the nightmare semester is over and his job has settled down a bit we are trying to address the problem.  First, I made an appointment with my doctor since we now have insurance.  I am getting back on my asthma medications.  (To be honest I would have had to do this and we would have had to pay out of pocket because I am sick constantly without them and I cannot live like that.) Second, Cole, our eldest daughter, and I are embarking on a six week vegan challenge based on Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live book.  We are trying our best but our budget is a hindrance.  We are fixing two separate sets of meals, one for me and Cole and another for Barry, Grace, and Bitsy.  Third, as soon as I am physically able we are going to start exercising again.

Physical goals for 2012:
Eat healthier (90/10 to 80/20 vegan).
Exercise daily (even if it has to be short and sweet, I want to be moving daily).
Reduce my cholesterol, sugar, and blood pressure.
Lose weight and gain muscle. (I now weigh more than I did during any of my pregnancies.  Ouch.  That hurt to admit.)

I don't expect to look like a teenager again.  I don't have false perceptions of beauty that I am trying to attain, I just want to be healthy and live longer.  As soon as I get the courage I will be posting my before picture.  Maybe.  But I am totally going to put on make-up.  (Does it seem like people try to look worse in before pictures?  I am going to try to look as good as possible, dang it!)   

Whew.  An honest discussion about weight and health.  I can check that off my list of things I need to be honest about.  Just don't ask me how much I weigh.  I am not feeling that honest yet.



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