Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Beauty of Authenticity

At some point in the past year I finally realized the impact of being a people pleaser.  While I am still in an ongoing process (Is there a 12 step program for this?) I have come a long way.  Part of that is this.  This blog.  The place where I can be myself and share what I am learning as I work toward being closer to God, more honest with myself and others, and more comfortable with me.  I am trying to work out what it means to be authentic in everything I do.  For context I am going to add links to previous posts from my family blog ~ Life is a Garden.

Explanation: Dividing my interests

Striving to be authentic (in chronological order)

A New Season
On when I wobble but do not fall...
Standing still to see
Then I realized I wasn't alone
Walking out of death
Pouring out
Healing in words
Dream a little dream with me

I am going to be talking to my family about this past year and seeing what we are all comfortable with sharing because something that I have learned this past year, something that is now engraved on my very soul, is that God sent people our way to share with us.  Without them sharing their experiences, without them passing on His love, without their authenticity, I don't know if our marriage, or our family, would have made it or at least made it to the state it is now.

I can share this though, it is what my husband whispered in my ear today at the start of the new year.  "In many ways it was the worst year ever, but in many ways it was the best." It was and I replied, "From the ashes rises the Phoenix." (Because I am a nerd like that.)

So bear with me as I try to work out this authenticity thing. 


  1. I'm excited about this blog especially. You are right. God created us to be a community of people. No one is meant to be a loner and by sharing what God has done (with discretion) we can encourage and spur others on towards Him.

  2. Thanks Rebekah! I am trying but it is still hard at times.