Sunday, January 15, 2012

My favorite story

Sign Photo courtesy of Michelle at Prudently Painted Vintage.

Once upon a time a girl met a boy.  They were 12, awkward, and barely noticed each other three or four years.  They went out on a few dates in high school but she was foolish and he was a nice guy who did not seem as interesting as the older guys she usually dated.  Fast forward a few more years when they went to college at Westark.  She had just ended a one year marriage and had a two year old daughter.  They went to the same college but had never seen each other on campus.  Their classes ended at about the same time on the same days in the same building, it was October and they had never so much as bumped into each other.

She was sitting home one night thinking about her friends from school that seemed so far away from the life she was living.  She thought about everyone she had known and guys she had dated.  She thought about him, about how nice did not seem like a negative now.  She realized her foolishness.  So she took a chance.  She pulled out the phone book and called the first Mason listed in the little community she knew his parents had lived in.  It was his Grandma's house.  They had a nice conversation and his Grandma gave her his phone number.

She was more nervous than before but she called him and said the stupidest thing, "In my yearbook you said to keep in touch, so I am.  Keeping in touch that is.  Um, how have you been doing?" Somehow he did not think she was an idiot and they talked for hours.  Then she said, "Maybe we could get lunch after class some day." Rather eagerly he said, "How about tomorrow?"

She took him to Ed Walker's drive-in and they made more plans.  She went to work and he went home.  Later that night he came over.  They watched a movie and he held her hand.  When they said goodnight he kissed her and she knew she never wanted to kiss anyone else ever again.  This was their beginning.  It was not always going to be easy, but their relationship had started.  This is their love story.  His and mine.  It is my favorite story.